Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh My Gawd

We bought a house!! After what seems like a really long process (in reality only two weeks), with most of our questions answered we are the owners of a new abode (in December actually). As you could guess we were really paranoid about buying a house after our last experience. So the last two weeks have been full of a building and pest inspection, a mold inspection, numerous entries to the house by moi to see if I react and Mr B crawling through the roof space and looking under every piece of insulation to see if there was mold on the back of the ceiling.

Did I mention we were extremely paranoid? :-)

But it passed nearly all of these. It needs restumping, has a possum infestation in the roof but ultimately is a house with great bones. It really is the worst house in the best street. It's a 1930's art deco clinker brick which is in need of some tender love and attention. We swore we wouldnt do another renovation but after encountering so much mold at open for inspections, we decided we were up for one more reno.

It helps that we have been inspired by the beautiful art deco ceiling roses and cornices, the high ceilings, the spacious rooms, the sunlight and the potential of the seriously over grown garden. It also helps that we can see that a lot of the problem is plain and simple dirt (plus one seriously ugly unlivable filthy poxy bathroom - read ripping out immediately). This house is very dirty but give it a good clean and paint and half the work is done.

And most importantly this house is mold free. It's as dry as the Nullaboor plain underneath, is on a ridge so has fab drainage and has a pitched roof so no condensation to create mold and the ability to put in insulation. Did I mention it is dry underneath?? ;-)

So it's probably plain to all and sundry that we are feels like we've turned a corner and can see a new future for us as a family. That we have the opportunity to have a house with personality is just icing on the cake. And now I get to decorate.....

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  1. Ahh, I am so happy for you guys. It seems you found the improbable.. a dry house in the hills. It must be so exciting to know you will be organising your own space by January next year.

    Best wishes

  2. How ridiculously exciting!!! I love art deco anything - something so glamorous and ethereal about it!

  3. Oh, I am so excited for you!! Congratulations... I cannot wait to read the story as you make this house a home, and decorate, and garden... yeah, champagne all round!!

    (Don't forget to take a deep sigh of relief, because you guys deserve it!)