Tuesday, September 13, 2011

House hunting...blech!!

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It's official....I hate house hunting. And before you say "so??" - I used to love house hunting. Whether for myself or family / friends, I used to really enjoy going along and checking out new houses. It was fun and interesting to see different places, and sticky beak at how people decorated and lived in those places. I'd loved the potential of a new place and then meeting the reality after seeing it on the internet. Mind you I did have a bit of a twilight zone moment recently at one house - it looked like we lived there. Same books, similar artwork, similar lifestyle...bit eerie really.

But after 4 months of looking for a new house, I am over it!! We have had very little luck in finding anything (and yes I do realise there are not that many houses on the market during winter). We've also discovered that about 60% of houses up here have mold and I've become the canary down the mine shaft because entering these houses or even smelling them from the door way sends me off into a massive asthma attack.

For one moment there we even seriously considered a rural change or a sea change. There are some gorgeous houses in rural Victoria and I became quite enamoured with Geelong and it's sustainable culture. Plus it was close to the beach :-) But ultimately we want to stay where we are because we've finally put down roots here, our family is close and we like the location, lifestyle and people.

So we push on....I guess house hunting is just one of those tortures you need to go through to find a new place. With spring and the sunshine we are slowly seeing a trickle of new properties on the market. Unfortunately I am one of those annoying optimistic glass half full problem solving kind of gals, so as soon as I'm knocked down or demoralised, I bounce back and think of ways of to improve the situation.

Fingers crossed our house will find us soon :-)

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