Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recycling Addict

Hmm do think Mr B takes recycling a little bit too far ;-) The little mowing tractor above (as we like to call it) was completely made from hard rubbish drive materials - an old chassis, chains, an old broken student chair - all have become a gold mine for this particular project. It was a slow build as the pieces came together but it has turned out a treat and mows really well (which is good considering that's what its for LOL).

Mr B grew up in a household where recycling was the norm. His parents and aunties and uncles used to keep things to rebuild, remake and renovate with. One of the first engines he worked on as a child were mowers and we have never bought a mower. They've always been recycled and maintained from second hand free parts. He then moved on to working with old scooters in his teens which developed a life long passion for these old beauties.

Mr B's dad renovated their house & built a house boat out of old building supplies. His uncle's garage was a treasure trove of old useful bits, put aside for future use. His mum and aunties used to collect road side fruit and make preserves. So it's nice to see that he embraced all these skills and has incorporated them as part of his adult life.

I feel lucky that I met him and together we work hard on not having a disposable life.

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  1. Couldn't he find a more comfy chair??!!

    I too feel lucky that I have a like-minded soul as my soul-mate in this journey!