Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small Blip

I've been having a short hiatus from blogging..a small blip you might say. Last week I had a laparoscopy for some biopsies (the final left over check from my mold exposure). My recovery has actually taken me quite by surprise. Naively surprisingly it was quite painful and it's been a mini bruised owie road to feeling back to normal. So for the last week I've been:

* reading this

* listening to this

* making an offer on a house - remember how I said we were over renovating. Ahem...we lied ;-)

* drooling over potential kitchen renos

* loving this and this and this

* Inspired by the current copy of Peppermint Magazine - this magazine knows no bounds and just keeps getting better and better with each issue

And today is sunny & warm - what more could a girl want!! So this afternoon is dedicated to the garden and playing with Little B xx


  1. Hope the results are OK.

    Good luck with the house!

    Love those links... going to browse now. You two have a wonderful sunny afternoon!

  2. I hope you are given the all clear with your health. Sounds like you have had a marvelous week (sans the operation!). I must source a copy of Peppermint. I have heard wonderful things. What did you think of the Thrifty Kitchen?

  3. Hi MultipleMum,

    I've actually really enjoyed The Thrifty Kitchen. We are pretty frugal anyway and cook from scratch but I liked the way it was set out and have been cooking a few recipes from it with great success :-)

    Their muesli is really yummy.