Monday, November 1, 2010

Wardrobe Adjustment

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There’s no other way of looking at it but when you lose all your wardrobe, it’s nothing short of a bummer. Not the least because you have nothing to wear…literally.

I’ve been in denial and making do with the few things I had to buy (like underwear) and borrowing Granny B’s clothes for around the house. Now this may sound fine, but in reality I’m about a size 4-6 Australian and Granny B has a more luscious lady figure, quite a few sizes bigger than me.

But you know it’s time, when a friend drops by during the middle of the day and asks you why you are in your pyjamas. Ummm because it’s the only tshirt I own and I only have two pairs of pants (one of which are my pj pants) and the other pair is drying on the line :-)

So what to do? I haunted a few favourite second hand clothing stores and op shops but have 2 problems: 1) that musty smell in op shops? It’s often mildew or mold, so no go there; and 2) there aren’t many small sizes around.

So I’ve written a list of the bare minimum I need to get by and am focussing on hand-made and/or ethical and/or organic to make my self feel better about buying new. The first thing I did was sew up a few easy summer tops. I also got some gorgeous house slippers from Chimney House Shoes at the Finders Keepers market.

I think this project will be a slow process. On cold days, I’m happy to use Granny B’s jumpers and hopefully as I get better and more confident at sewing I can make more clothes for myself.

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  1. Glad to see the rain showers didn't dim your planting spirits.

    You certainly are in the middle of a challenging set of circumstances. Having absolutely nothing to wear actually was the one thing that got me off my hands and sewing again last year. Luckily for me I learned to sew in my teens so it was just refreshing skills rather than having to learn them from scratch.

    Best Wishes