Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I love creating new traditions in our family as well as incorporating old traditions from both our childhoods into our new one. Our main one so far is that Little B gets a new Christmas book each year in the first week of December. Now with Christmas not far away, and my new sewing buzz, I’ve decided to sew Little B his own advent calendar.

He came with me to pick the fabrics and I have a very basic pattern (which involved hearts as pockets but I’ve changed to squares).

With 24 pockets, our aim is to have half as little rolled up notes which will have things to do together written on them. Like bake biscuits, reading Christmas stories, a twilight swim at the local pool or even just visiting a fun park. The other 12 will be little Christmas gifts like wooden bugs or yoyo’s (Mr B can do a bit of woodwork). Little surprises that are meaningful to us and him as well as the time spent treasuring this age.

My hope is that he will look forward to the advent calendar each year as a family tradition. That he will remember and look forward to the time spent one-on-one as a family at Christmas before age makes it “uncool” (yes I know he’s only nearly 4). And that he may one day look back with the fondness that I do at the Christmas traditions we made as a family.

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