Monday, September 20, 2010

One big happy family

It’s been great fun living with Granny B at the moment. It’s one big intergenerational household and we are really enjoying the time and support that this brings. I’m enjoying being the cook for all. Due to his business being home-based, Mr B flits in between the two households depending on what the day’s workload requires, but being so close, that’s not far (we live 6 doors down from Granny B).

I’ve also got my knitting teacher on hand to help me out with my mistakes. I should really say mistake, as I make the same one over and over and we cant work out why LOL. I am the “adding a stitch” queen when I purl. And since my jumper is turning out to be the worlds longest knitting adventure for a beginner, I really appreciate having help on hand.

Little B loves having all of us in the same place. There’s always someone to give him some extra special attention and he has much more easy access to a contained garden here. He loves a good fossick in the garden to watch the bugs and the birds, and the possums. Plus it’s completely safe and flat in a way our yard can never be!!

And Granny B is enjoying the company at night (we have big long girly conversations, business strategy meetings with Mr B, and just the usual chin waggy sessions with us both), the handy man help from Mr B (fixing curtain rods on super high ceilings) and having a “wife” as she says (coming home after work to home cooked meals and a warm house *grin*).

And we’ve put in our new veggie beds with the existing beds that exist at Granny B’s. I love being able to walk straight out the back door into our veggie garden escapades. It feels like years since my own veggie garden at the old house. I find such peace in an established garden and it’s nice to have a peaceful place while I try healing my body.

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  1. Glad to hear this is being a good experience for all of you. If nothing else it must take the pressure off the hard decisions that you have ahead of you.

    Best Wishes