Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moldy House Update

So what to do with our moldy house? We have been told what we do depends on the type of mold we have. Some samples have been taken but it will take a while to tell us exactly what kind of mold is the cause of my health problems.

It may require mass amounts of fungicide (toxic poisons) under the house, removing all the floorboards, removing all the topsoil under the house, and finally removal and replacement of the bearers. But we have also been told that there is one kind of mold that even burning down the house would not fix.

As for my health, I can happily say there has been a slight improvement at Granny B’s house, which has been a cause for much joy. I gained half a kilo people and felt like shouting it from the roof tops :-) The bad news is the mold has damaged my central nervous system. The extent of which is not quite clear just yet. But it is fairly extensive.

So for now I’m cooking nourishing soups, making gorgeous whole food muffins and meals and enjoying planning my spring veggie garden (which has been relocated to Granny B’s house). I also start a physical rehabilitation and hydrotherapy program in the next few weeks to build up my frail little body. Kiss that muscle wastage goodbye xxx


  1. I cannot tell you how much I feel for you right now. For someone who tries so hard to be toxic free and raise children in a healthy household, to be dished a mouldy house is terrible. This doesn't sound at all eco but I say fungicide the crap out of that house.
    I hope you and your family get through this and that your health improves quickly. Sending you lots of strength at this difficult time.

  2. Very sorry to hear you will experience ongoing problems from this event. I will be thinking about all of you while you are waiting for the results. I certainly hope you can get the house to a place where you can make decisions about your families future.

    Congratulations on the weight gain. I can imagine after 8 months worth of struggle with this issue that any move in the right direction is cause for mass celebration. Best wishes for your rehab and hydrotherapy.

    Kind regards

  3. Thanks Sonia - it is such a sucky situation. Problem is with Little B's multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities, fungicides arent really an option :-(

    Thanks Belinda - wish they could be quicker with the results :-) Rehab starts next week, so fingers crossed it's fruitful!!

  4. Sorry. That was insensitive of me. I do remember you telling us of Little B's allergies, etc. I hope you find a solution soon.