Monday, September 27, 2010

Food Challenge Update

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Well our current round of food challenges for Little B has been interesting.

Goats cheese - Yes
Cashew Nut Butter  - Yes
Eggs – the jury’s still out.
Yoghurt – Paris Creek Biodynamic Swiss Style - Yes

Yoghurt was a really interesting one for us. Little B has always reacted to yoghurt quite badly. The drawback has always been that he adores yoghurt. After reading Jude Blereau I started looking at the kinds of yoghurt you can buy in a different way. She believes that people react to the milk solids added to yoghurt not the yoghurt itself. So I went off to look for yoghurts without milk solids (no mean feat).

We tried two kinds – Marrook Farm and Paris Creek. And we hit jackpot with Paris Creek. Little B can eat this with no reaction whatsoever. So now we add it to his porridge in the mornings, sometimes as a snack with fruit and it’s a handy standyby when he is sick and doesn’t want to eat anything.

Goats cheese was another tricky one. He can eat it with no reaction. But if he eats it too often then we get a reaction, like a slow build up. But it’s handy to add to pasta once a week.

Eggs – the jury’s out for this one. He reacts but it is delayed and much smaller than it used to be. So we will hold off on eggs for the time being and try again at a later stage.

But this has still let us expand Little B’s diet and that is a good thing for both him and us. It’s nice to branch out and get a bit more creative in the kitchen LOL. Well creative for a house catering to a child with multiple food allergies.


  1. I certainly hear you on the added milk solids. A has a reaction to added milk solids at the time it originally turned up I was making our own yoghurt so it wasn't a problem but since we haven't had a fridge I tend just to buy yoghurt if there is a craving going round... It blew my mind that I ended up standing in front of the dairy case for so long and the only one they carried without added milk solids was a rather expensive sheep milk option. Thus its a very sometimes food over here.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Belinda,

    I ended up finding Paris Creek down at Maxi. But Kallista carry the Marrook Farm one and it doesnt have milk solids if that helps :-)

    But I agree, it is rather crazy that almost all yoghurts have crap added in!

  3. You are so patient and persistent- it's amazing! Instead of just giving up you are researching and trying new things and not afraid to give something a go. He will thank you later for it! So glad there are a few more things to add to the menu and hope the eggs eventually pan out!! xo m.