Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Slow Time

I read this interesting post by Sharon Astyk regarding Fast & Slow Time with great interest the other day. Little B is a slow time child. He likes routine and to take his time in evolving where we need to go so that he stops and smells and looks at the roses/rocks/snails/leaf boats as we go by ;-)

In our fast paced life of late it’s been easy to forget this. But I’ve discovered recently that the more we try to push Little B or rush him the more cranky and frustrated he gets. This makes for a bad case of the grumpy’s for everyone involved. I know that we all prefer a bit more peacefulness and ease in getting out and about.

So I sat back and thought about it all. Previous posts this year have shown that I felt like life was screaming by in an unpleasant rush/mess. The word I chose for this year is Enjoy and I have to say I’ve not been enjoying the rush or fast pace of life. I’ve really embraced the Christine’s Slow Living Diary and I’ve decided I need to take a leaf out of Little B’s slow time manifesto!! There’s been too much yes to outside stuff and too much of our own stuff falling down as a result.

I need to make of an effort. I need more slow time.

This last week I’ve been making time for reading, walking, gardening, cooking and embracing my inner housewife while Little B is at preschool. I love cooking and want to spend more time experimenting on new allergy friendly recipes. I want to get our vegie beds in some sort of reasonable shape for spring (I’m so loving having baby spinach at my beck and call in our mini garden).

So to start I resigned from one of my roles on the preschool committee when I continued to get anywhere up to 25 gung ho and demanding emails a week. I’ve decided to focus more on slow time and on making our home and our slow living lifestyle the greater priority.

I’m sure there will still be battles between slow and fast time but Mr B and I are going to make a concerted effort that slow wins more than fast…for this year at least!!

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