Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lest We Forget

We celebrated Anzac Day yesterday in typical fashion by making Anzac biscuits. The normal version and a gluten free version based on Teresa Cutter’s Paleo Anzacs (no flaked almonds but lots of pepitas, sunflower seeds and linseeds). The GF ones were fabulous (or so I’m told – the drawback to a nut allergy is you cant try everything you cook).

But on a more serious note, Anzac Day is very important in our family as my great grandfather and both grandfathers were in WW1 and WW2. Little B has also shown a great interest in Anzac Day because of our recent visit to Great Grampy but also because they have been talking about it preschool.

He watched bits of the dawn service and the parade on tv while asking lots of typically child like mind bending questions (he didnt know men could be nurses?!?!). We also showed him all Great Great Grampy’s medals while on our holiday.

My great grandfather, Archie was one of the light horseman in WW1 and I was the only great grandchild he lived to see. I’m told he was typically a grumpy bollocks but surprised everyone by being interested, gentle and kind with his great granddaughter. I was too young to remember and he died when I was 4 but we have some great photos of me and ‘barbie’ being read books on his knee.

Both my grandfathers were in the airforce in WW2. Rod was a gunner and lost too many friends and saw too much – something he never quite got over when he returned home. Bruce was the youngest, trained in Canada and only saw the tale end of the war. It’s still something he’s proud of, doesn’t like to talk about in detail and he refuses to use any veteran affairs benefits as he feels like it would be “bludging”.

I’m a pacifist but I appreciate, remember and admire the young men who fought to protect our country in times past. And there is something quite emotional about hearing Little B talk about remembering the people who “went away to look after us”.

So Archie, Rod and Bruce...I salute you!! xx

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