Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Our Garden

This is the daily haul from our sorely neglected garden at the moment. Normally I have more beans than zucchinis but overall I'm happy with the output. Happy in the sense that we are getting a goodly enough amount out to reduce my needs at our fruit & vegie grocers. Now if we wanted to put anything away (ie canning etc) I guess I'd be disappointed. But considering how time poor I am at the moment, I really wouldnt want more produce from the garden.

Our corn is growing really well and has formed husks or what have you. I havent grown corn since I was a kid so it's been quite exciting for us. Our eggplants produced nothing :-( and our capsicum plants havent even grown any bigger than when they were planted (no idea why). Our cucumber after many starts has finally fruited in abundance. It's not in the best position in the garden.

This is the first year I've experienced fruit fly in our tomatoes. I ripped out two plants the moment I realised what was happening and we havent had a problem since. I guess we were lucky that I was using bush tomatoes in pots this year, so they are spread out amongst the garden rather than localised in one spot. Otherwise I guess I would have lost them all???

We harvested all our potatoes. Our Nicola potatoes were amazing. I couldnt believe how many potatoes we had and they were so yum!! But our sebago potatoes were sadly lacking - only a handful really. I now know after reading Gavin's post that it was probably a sunshine thing. The Sebago got overcrowded by a blueberry plant and our eggplants, so just didnt get enough sun. But using the growing bags was a great success overall - we didnt suffer the rot problems we've had in the past when we've put them in the ground.
I have great plans for next year at the new house because the new vegie beds get sun all day around. Granny B's garden suffers from a lack of sun - some things grow great and others not. So we will plant accordingly and share the produce :-) That way we can cover off more food in the garden!!

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