Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Curtain Call

Well we are in the last few weeks now before we move into the new house. It's been a long haul but we are so ready to be there. After finishing the last of the painting yesterday (I never want to look at a skirting board or architrave again), it's on to making curtains.

Because of concern about rising utility prices, the fact the new house has a smart meter and that we live somewhere that can get quite cold in winter, we've opted for curtains rather than blinds to make the house as insulated as possible. I've also chosen to make the curtains myself with some help from Granny B. 

Why you ask? Mainly because I really dislike the coatings on blockout curtains that you buy ready made from places like Spotlight. They are full of all kinds of toxic nasties that off gass (predominantly fire retardants and PVC) and if the sun hits them, the smell is ten times worse. Plus since you spend so many hours sleeping, then you breathe this toxic cocktail while I feel your body is at its most vulnerable.

So we have bought some fabrics for Little B's room and then onto the rest of the household. After many discussions we will double layer the fabric in the living rooms and bedrooms to get the best insulative effect. We have also chosen fabrics that can be washed and dried by us to avoid dust build up. I've made simple curtains before but these will be a tad more complex, but armed with my trusty library books and Granny B's extensive sewing experience, this weekend the curtain making begins in earnest.

If you are into roller blinds, then the best option I found was Trevira CS fabrics - these are low VOC and meet ecospecifier GreenTag guidelines (which means they are non toxic and environmentally responsible). These are also no more pricey than having curtains made for your windows (something I wish we could afford but alas not today :-)

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