Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mister Maker

After what seems like days and days of rain, Little B and I have become a tad stir crazy :-) So we whipped out a Mister Maker book that Little B got for his last birthday. We are going on holidays soon which involves a 2 hour drive to the seaside, so what better than a making a toy for the car.

We settled on the sticky picture box, found an old shoe box and some felt remnants from sewing. Then went to work cutting out shapes. Little B decided a blue background was best as it could be either the sea or space (two current faves).

And in a short time it was done. I had great fun cutting out pieces that could be used for either theme. Seaweed upside down becomes rocket fuel. And our mermaids face becomes the moon. And as you can see above Little B decided to turn a fish sideways and give it some hair (which was a clam).

It was a cute quick project and has already proved to be an interesting diversion in the car. The box sits well on his lap and contains all the pieces. I'll definitely be giving some more projects out of this book a go, especially since we seem to have fallen back into winter somehow!?!?

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