Saturday, November 5, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for long drives

It's been a long and rainy week but the sun waits for no man :-) So this Saturday I'm grateful for...

* long drives - me, my man, some great tunes and a long drive. We are off cross country to my SIL's 40th birthday party today.

* bravery - I say this tongue in cheek (kind of) but this is the furthest distance I will have been away from Little B since he was born (3 hours). He cant wait for a weekend of the sole undivided attention of Granny B and me?? I have to remember what I'm like without an appendage for 2 whole days LOL

* doctors who listen - we needed to provide a strange and abstract letter to Little B's preschool next year about his allergies (in order for them to change a few things). Problem?? It takes 6 months to see his allergist. Solution?? A divine allergy friendly GP who listened to our story, read his food diaries and provided said letter...hooray!!

Checkout Maxabella loves for a grateful dose this weekend xx


  1. I just love a loooong drive with my sweetheart too. It's not the same (not AT ALL) with all the screeching kids on board. Enjoy the togetherness and know that Little B will be fine where he is too. x

  2. I also love doctors who listen. Our allergist yesterday does NOT listen. She's horrible. But I have found a naturopath who specializes in allergies and I am hoping she will be able to read the allergist test results and better help us. Thanks for the kind words yesterday! xx m.