Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sun, sand and surf

 Phillip Island 2011

* we relaxed, hung out, read books, made sand castles, checked out the sights and did lots of walking. We even managed to investigate a gorgeous kitchen garden and milk a cow at a historic working farm

* the Penguin Parade was a highlight. We did the Penguins Plus which meant the penguins literally almost passed by our feet (so worth the extra $40)

* we investigated lots of different beaches, and it was not unheard for us to go down to the beach 2 or 3 times each day. After dinner was our favourite time.

* Little B's shell collection expanded exponentially, especially after visiting the shelly beach at Rhyll. He's also now the proud owner of an old crab shell and claw

* sign of a great holiday...last year he assured me he was moving to Goolwa. This year Little B is moving to Phillip Island to live :-) He's sure they must have a great kindy there LOL

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