Thursday, January 6, 2011

Garden Update

I wish I'd made our garden bigger :-) This is our most successful harvest in the last 3 years (probably because I'm learning more every day, and also every time we plant).

I'm currently harvesting 250g of green beans a day. What we dont use daily, I blanche and freeze. We've eaten all of our lettuces and spinach and just planted some more lettuces.

I lost one of my roma plants to early blight, but after ruthlessly pruning the others they are doing really well. My mistake was not re-staking the plants before we went to Adelaide, so they drooped onto the soil. But they are all fruiting like crazy now.

My zucchinis, pumpkins and cucumbers are still slow. But I have 3 baby cucumbers growing and 2 zucchinis *happy dance* This is the first time in 3 years that my zucchini plants have fruited. No luck the first year (but that was inexperience) and last year every seedling was eaten by snails / slugs (I gave up at the 12th seedling). Fingers crossed my pumpkin plants start producing too!!

Edited to add: While watering this morning, I noticed that we now have two eggplants growing as well. Up until now I'd been too scared to touch the old blossoms in case they dropped off :-)


  1. Congratulation,

    It sounds as if you are doing really well over there. I am impressed over your cucumbers and zucchini, we are still a long way from both up here.

    Kind Regards

  2. Gorgeous! I started some years ago with a fairly large garden spot. But as the perennial berries have spread and the chickens moved in, I find my spot getting smaller and smaller.

    Do you like the raised/container beds that you have and do you feel like you can get a lot of stuff in?

  3. Hi NatureGirl,

    I love our raised beds (as our soil where we live is mainly clay). This year I used a different mix of manures and compost when they went in and its worked brilliantly.

    We can get a lot of stuff in. In one bed I have 12 bean plants plus 10 lettuces and still have room to spare. In another bed, we have 7 tomato plants plus two eggplants and again still have room to spare. I'm still learning and we have allergies in our household so havent filled the beds to the brim.