Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate Cravings

Normally, I'm one of those weird individuals who can take or leave chocolate. In fact, I dont normally crave much of anything (other than my morning smoothie but that's just hunger LOL). So when I started having strong cravings for chocolate 24/7, and a few obligatory morning headaches I knew something was up.

Turns out that something was magnesium deficiency. After a few blood tests, it become abundantly clear that I was magnesium deficient. This can come from a combination of things but for me most likely from malabsorption issues due to my mold exposure and potential food allergies (more to come on this one later). So I'm on supplements until I come back to a base line, and then I will maintain my levels through food.

Best magnesium sources are:
* Pumpkin seeds
* Spinach
* Almonds (not an option for me at the moment)
* Oats
- and it's helped most by having a calcium source at the same time.

So I'm alternating my favourite breakfast smoothie (now a green smoothie with baby spinach) with a warming bowl of porridge. I've also started including a daily handful of pumpkin seeds to my snack regime.

There's a lot of information out there on the web about chocolate cravings and magnesium deficiency as well. So if chocolate is ruling your world, this might be something to investigate.

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