Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Garden Update

Our veggie garden went beserk while we were away. I found the growth in 8 days almost mind blowing. Our tomatoes doubled in size, as did our beans and broccoli.

I’d had my doubts about our spinach before we went away but the heat and sun made them flourish. Perfect as baby spinach for salads and sandwiches.

I spent most of Sunday re-staking everything, stringing our bean frames and snipping back our regular garden which was overhanging the beans in a big way. I think everything loved a week of warmth and sun.

The only thing not growing super fast are our cucurbits (zucchini, pumpkin and Lebanese cucumbers). But these are in a veggie bed we’ve had our doubts about in the past. Despite great sun and good soil, it always has “issues” growing things well.

I’m wondering if it is a drainage issue (given our abundance of rain this spring)? It’s a raised bed but I cant think what else could be wrong. Other than the possibility of bad bugs in the soil…hmmm… will have to keep experimenting and see what happens.

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