Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garden Update

Disaster – a whole bunch of my seedlings where upended and destroyed by Granny B’s cat :-( Just means I have to start all over again with a few. But I’m so glad that we had already planted the majority of our current batch into the veggie patch.

As you can see from the pics we have the full compliment of seedlings in at the moment – peas, broad beans, beetroot, last of the spring onions and beans, leeks, pak choy, brussel sprouts– yum. I’d like to add some parsnips and garlic as well. I’m also not having much luck with the carrots. All the bare spaces are where our carrots “should” be. I’ll just keep soldiering on until we get some :-)

Did anyone see Costa’s Garden Odyssey this week? I’m very intrigued by using edible plants in my mainstream garden beds. I really like their use of thyme and gold marjoram as borders. We still haven’t come up with a replacement for the grasses out the front of our house. So along with the new passionfruit, I might make use of some of these ideas.

PS As a funny side note, you know you’re raising a green child when they net their Lego trees to stop the birds eating their fruit LOL.


  1. Great work (shame about the cheeky cat!). We've just put in broad beans and garlic ourselves. I saw Costa's Garden Odyssey too. I loved the edible garden idea. I've seen artichokes used as an edible/decorative plant and it looks gorgeous.

    I smiled when I read about your little one netting the Lego trees. Too cute.

  2. LOL. That is hilarious about the lego nets. My seedlings are coming along... I think. But i also might grow a few more just to be safe... you never know when little hands just won't be able to resist to urge to pull. xo m.

  3. Gardening Australia recently did a thing about growing carrots in pipes in boxes - neat for keeping the mega slugs away! it's on their website. a recent show.