Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Garden Update

Our sugar snap pea and lebanese cucumber plants have been pulled and mulched into the garden. Our cherry tomatoes show no sign of abating and we have so many ripening every day. Our beans are the same, still charging along – even more so now that I have pulled out the sugar snap pea plants.

I’ve started planting our seedlings. The peas are in as are the beetroots. I’m working hard to stop the terrible snails from committing a massacre LOL. Our biggest stand off is the carrots – I have every barrier known to man in the way and I’m hoping they survive long enough to get some sturdy growth.

We were lucky on the weekend that the hailstorm didn’t do any damage to the veggie beds. More damage was done to the trees (lost branches, leaves etc). I’m very grateful as we saw that some people had suffered major damage to their gardens.

I have learnt though that where I had planned to plant our herb garden is out of bounds. Unless I want the herbs to float away in another potential flooding!! I was calf high in fast running water at the worst point. Instead I can only look at ornamental plants and possibly some fruit trees in raised beds.


  1. Nice one. Our tomatoes and beens have been pulled out recently. We didn't have a great season of tomatoes with the Melbourne weather causing so much havoc. We had little damage also from the hailstorms over the weekend. We planted, amongst other fresh planting, a new batch of lettuce (always my favourite).
    p.s. would love to know your recipe for roast vegie and lentil salad.

  2. Yes, the rains this weekend were a double blessing, not only did we get lots of water but it showed some water flaws in the garden beds. Thank goodness I planted my seed in little newspaper pots and could bring them in and out whenever I chose.Your garden sounds like it's well on it's way to winter success. xo m.