Thursday, July 5, 2012

Six Degrees of Separation

We’re having a lovely time this school holidays. After a rather hectic term of preschool and with transition for primary school beginning in the 2nd week of next term, it’s been nice to relax and hang out together without time frames.

Our local library is always a high point of our school holidays. The librarian there, Sue, runs two sessions each week that are based on stories, craft or just really interesting things to do. She first came and spoke at my mothers group when our little ones were 5 months old. We continued our mothers groups there in a cosy corner until our bubbas could walk.

I’ve discovered as Little B grows up that Sue has had a profound connection and experience with so many mums and bubs in the community. We call it the six degrees of separation of Sue. I’ve made new friends at swimming which is not that close to home (who have been to Sue’s storytime); I’ve met people at doctors surgeries (who have been to school holiday sessions with Sue); and I’ve met adults in strange and various places (who borrow books from Sue).

She is the most gorgeous lovely lady who has helped us nourish Little B’s insatiable curiosity and love of books.

So our out days this week have been to see Sue. Earlier this week we got to see an intuitive storyteller from Curious Legends, who kept the kids enthralled with old Japanese folk tales, poetry, rhymes and a game when the “sparkles in their hands and feets” meant they were all getting a bit bottom wiggly.

Today, she had a lovely session based on the concept of Community and the people who help within. The children got to play “community” heads, hear stories about what these people do and then make their own garbage trucks, trains and SES trucks. Needless to say we have set up towns this afternoon for the trains and garbage men to go through.

Our days so far have been a mish mash of slow starts, crafting & building robots, space hopping, playing coits and blowing bubbles when the rain has chased us inside.  Little B has also been keen on making mud pies, “hiding” in the fog (even though it was 5 degrees out there…brrr!!), and swimming of all things.

I hope you’re enjoying this holiday break just as much as we are xx

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  1. School holidays are lovely for the slowing down aren't they? We too have a great library and librarian, who always asks after my boys when I visit without them. She has known them since they were tiny but now that they're at school, we don't get in so much. I took them in yesterday and had to drag them away from chatting with her!