Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bathroom Shenanigans

Renovating and blogging just dont seem to go hand in hand. I have so much to say, so little time and I just dont have the energy in me to do meaningful posts the way I want to. So instead to give my poor brain a rest, I thought that I would take a leaf out of Heather from Beauty the Moves book and for a while treat my posts as more of a journal.

The hot weather we have been having hasnt dampened our spirit. Mr B only has 3 weeks off from work to completely demolish and rebuild our bathroom. Not helped by the fact that we are not moving down the conventional route for a bathroom. We are using different products such as blueboard (to prevent any potential mold growth) plus sourcing non toxic and lox VOC products to take the room from go to whoah. We are also trying to be as environmental as possible.

In the early stages of bathroom removal

So far we have done this by reusing all the copper piping for the plumbing, recycled as many things as we could within the old bathroom and using products that dont pollute the environment. ecospecifier is a great resource for finding low VOC and non toxic products to renovate with. And things are improving in this area - we've been pleasantly surprised by the way plastering products have changed even in the space of only 2 years.

And as with all renovating, one project invariably opens up another kettle of fish. After experiencing the dust and grot in our roof cavity upon removal of the ceiling, we've decided to have the roof professional vacuumed and insulation removed. The large family of possums have finally left the building (via their one way door) but the mess they have left behind after years in the roof is gag worthy. Our insulation is a disgusting mess and we dont want to bring any of that into the interior of the house.

And in amongst the renovating we've celebrated Little B's 5th birthday, my uncle's 60th and of course Christmas as well :-)


  1. Happy birthday to Little B... hope he had a great time!

    Good luck with the renovations!

  2. Looks like you'll be busy.

    I wasn't aware of ecospecifyer site. It looks like a reat resource thanks.

    We'll be doing our bathroom in a few months so i'm watching you wth interest. I was recently wondering how toxic ordinary wall plaster is. Based on your comments i'm guessing there's low VOC plaster products? Do you know how high the VOCs are for ordinary plaster board?

    Good luck with the renos.

  3. Hi Tricia,

    Ordinary plasterboard is fairly low VOC and these days most manufacturers try to make them as low VOC as possible.

    It's the adhesives and jointing products that are high VOC. 2 years ago we couldnt find any low VOC and the products stank. This time round it's been a dream. We even found a low VOC rubber compound for water proofing behind the shower.

    Nothing has affected my asthma or Little B's allergies which has been a huge bonus!! :-)