Thursday, August 12, 2010

You can polish your shoes with what?!?!

I found this tip on a forum the other day. Apparently banana skins are great for polishing your shoes. So I decided that it was such a novel idea, that I had to give it a try.

Take one very dirty boot
Apply your magnificent polishing skills with said banana skin (organic of course LOL).

And voila:
One very clean and shiny boot.

I did wipe the boot over with a cloth and plain water afterwards (to get the little bits of banana off). But I have to say I am very impressed. These boots were muddy and scuffed and now look great. I'd been avoiding shoe polish because of the nasties and now I have a natural alternative, that I am very happy with :-)

Plus it's good to get another use out of our bananas!!


  1. Well! Now I've seen everything! Genius!! Do you use the outside or the inside of the skin? Sorry if that's a silly question...

  2. Not a silly question at all - you use the inside of the skin :-)

  3. ooh, that is so cool! Thank you!