Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Artwork by Art Harrison

Garden Preparation
- have made a bulk order of seedlings from our local CSA, these beautiful seedlings are being grown locally so are more suitable to our climate (thanks Belinda :-)

- Banana Spelt Muffins 
- Grilled Flathead, Roast Vegies and Lentil Salad
- Slow Cooker Yoghurt
- Homemade by Readers Digest (lots of interesting recipes that I can adapt for Little B)

- we have spent the whole day out in the garden. Sprayed our peach, nectarine and pear trees for leaf curl (we lost all our baby peaches to this last year).

- Digging over the summer beds, ready for spring planting. Just need some more cow & chicken poo :-)
- Digging out some space for new veggie beds at Granny B’s (goodbye annoying bushes).
Granny B trying to rip out the roots

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