Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boys and their toys...

Mr B races remote control cars at State level (such a 1980's boy) and we have been waiting for Little B to be old enough to join in the fun. We recently introduced his first real “big boy” car and Mr B has been helping him learn to drive. They have great fun careering all over our front and back yards – on the drive way, in the grass and in the mud (it’s an off road car).

This time is quite special at the moment as there is the potential that Mr B may be seconded to Sydney quite soon. And unfortunately we will be unable to go with him for the first 6 months due to the nature of the project. Lots of visits (as location permits) but just wont be the same as concentrated day-to-day daddy time.

So for now I relish watching my boys and their toys :-)

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