Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Strict Elimination Diets

Well first can I say, initially elimination diets suck. I think the first month was the hardest and after that it just becomes the norm. I missed milk of all things and then ice cream which I didnt really eat beforehand.

Baby B (now Toddler B ;-) didnt know any difference as he didnt have anything to compare it to. I have to say though that there were and are times that I feel like Martha Stewart LOL. Especially when some mornings I'm baking bread, making stock from scratch, baking muffins / cookies and trying to feed a toddler.

But we saw an allergy dietician who was kind of helpful but not. So using guidelines we found our own menu of things to eat. I love experimenting in the kitchen now and working on recipes that Toddler B can eat.

The two most helpful books have been The Friendly Food Cookbook by the Royal Prince Alfred Allergy Unit and the Failsafe books by Sue Dengate. Without these, life would have been a lot harder to start with.

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