Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Allergy Child - How It All Began

Our journey with a child with food allergies began when I was pregnant with Baby B.

From 27 weeks onward I was hit with three urinary tract infections, two of which went on to be bladder infections. This involved 3 rounds of antibiotics. At 30.5 weeks I went into premature labour, but with more medication and completed bed rest, I kept Baby B in utero until he was 40 weeks.

Two weeks after his birth, Baby B and I were back in the hospital as I was suffering from mastitis. 4 days of IV antibiotics and I was sent home. I breastfed Baby B through all of this.

Why is this the start of our allergy journey? Knowing what we do now, our docs believe it was this massive exposure to antibiotics in utero and in his first weeks of life that stripped Baby B's gastrointestinal tract and began the development of his allergies.

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