Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The First 12 months - in blindness

We spent the first 12 months of Baby B's life trying to find a diagnosis for his behaviour.

He spent so many hours of the day and night screaming, had horrendous silent reflux, demand fed every 2 hours over a 24 hour period, had eczema on his face, eyebrows and in his ears, he smelt like vomit all the time.

I spoke to so many people. A day stay at a sleep school when he was 14 weeks old only told me he had the worst reflux they had ever seen. And I was sent on my way with "Good luck with that!!"

By 5 months I had worked out it was reflux, managed to get in to see a paed gastro and he was finally put on reflux medication. I wish I could say this was the end of it, but it wasnt. While his reflux improved nothing else did. Most doctors put me down as a hypochondriac mother but I knew something was wrong with my child.

Closer to 12 months, things were getting bad. Baby B woke 15 times a night, EVERY night and slept for only 1 period of 45 mins during the day. I was shattered and had to return to work as well.

I again sought the help of a private sleep specialist. She came and took one look at him during the night and told me outright that "There is no way possible this is a sleep problem". She told me she thought it was food allergies and so we began another pathway.

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