Thursday, September 20, 2012

Superheroes and Teepees

Yesterday was quite an interesting day…apparently superheroes live teepees. Really? Who knew?

So my job as the mum of a superhero was to provide said tepee. There are some gorgeous ones you can buy these days but they are mainly plastic poles and made in china. So instead I perused patterns – our teepee is an amalgamation of Spotlight, The Crafty Minx and A Beautiful Mess. Though My Poppet has a great explanation about tying the poles together.

I mainly adapted these to make sure the teepee would fit into Little B's bedroom because I found the patterns were mostly too small (more for toddlers) or way too big (better for outside).

It was surprisingly easy to make – and it took about 3 hours from start to finish. All up it cost me $65 with the most expensive part being the wooden poles. I used plain cotton drill for the teepee itself rather than patterned fabric as it lends itself to changing interests. Though I’m hoping to get some of these robot fabric decals from Love Mae as Little B adores robots as much as superheroes. In fact we have seen a few superhero robots around here.

Hey superheroes eat breakfast too :-)

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