Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fathers Day Canoe Trip

What better way to celebrate Fathers Day than by launching our new canoe?? Didn’t hurt that the weather was beautiful and sunny too :-)

First up we made Daddy’s favourite biscuits.

Then we launched

And the day wouldn’t have been complete without a little daddy solo canoe to try out all his moves (and make sure it wouldn’t sink LOL - it's not in the best pre-loved condition but we had hoped we made it sound enough for this foray)

We canoed for 3 hours and had a ball. We were both surprised that Little B just took to it – paddled a bit, stopped an investigated the shores, enjoyed all the interesting animals and sights – and then sailed sticks and collected rocks while we packed up

It has inspired the potential interest in a future canoe camping trip.

Happy Fathers Day, my love – you are absolutely the best daddy I could have wished for our babe.

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