Friday, August 31, 2012

Spring Seeds

Reading on various blogs how people are starting to sow their spring seeds has been just the kick in the pants I needed. You see I’ve been stuck on a bed rest of sorts….while digging over our biggest bed and filling it full of lovely things like compost and manure, I managed to step sideways, trip and hurt my hip (aah the joys of gardening).

So I’ve not been outside as much as I wanted for the last 4 weeks (read heaps of books though ;-), but with spring in the air and blossoms abounding, I’ve started sowing our seeds in our bebe greenhouse. So far just delicata squash (thanks Bec), spaghetti squash (thanks Bec again), Waltham Butternut & Kent pumpkin, and Californian Wonder capsicum. I’m also hoping to start some Little Finger eggplants and to finally decide on tomatoes. I’ve not had much luck growing tomato from seed at Granny B’s (the possums either ate or knocked over my little seedlings before they could do anything interesting).

We had hoped to have more veggie beds ready for spring but since it’s only a few days until September that’s not looking too promising at the moment. I’d be happy if we could just get one more in (ok I’m lying I’d love all 4 but would settle for 1, or 2 more).

We are however intent on starting our herb garden for this year – lots of garlic chives, Genovese basil, parsley, chamomile, and calendula – in window type boxes on our deck.

I’ve also been checking out these DIY vertical pallet beds (we have easy access to heaps of free untreated used pallets locally) – I’d love to make some for strawberries and lettuces around the edge of our back deck.

Lastly, our potatoes have finally found their way into our grow bags. We had such a great success with them last year and are going to attempt them at the new house as we get more sun. We also dedicated a few little veggie beds to potatoes so that we have a comparison between bags and in the ground. Fingers crossed this gives us a bumper harvest!!

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  1. Oh, no, you poor thing! Hope you get better soon, and can get some more gardening done. Glad the seeds found a home, hope they germinate OK. I want to build pallet things too, as we can get lots as well, and I see all these great ideas on Pinterest using them!