Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spring & Our Solar Tracker

Spring is definitely coming – you can almost smell it in the air. The blossoms are blooming, we are having slightly warmer days here and there (though the nights are still really cold) and the sun is slowly changing perspective moving on our block.

This week our flat panel solar was finally connected to the grid. Electricity companies sure take their time and I’m starting to think it’s intentional…a way of penalising you for trying to make some of your own power.

But in time for spring, our solar tracker is coming along. We have half her panels up and the other three to be put up over the next week or so. As you can see, she is very tall so it takes a bit of handy work to lug the panels up into place.

Aaah spring - how I love thee...please hurry up...I'm really looking forward to some more warmth and sunshine xx


  1. Spring is most definitely in the air!!! Time to start planning the vegie garden :-) I'm really interested in your solar tracker. We've recently put solar on our roof (yet to be installed correctly and not grid connect yet... a long story!). Have you designed the tracker yourself? It looks awesome.

  2. Hi Clare,

    My husband designed and made the solar tracker and is installing it as well :-) We dont get the best amount of sun on our roof (but thats the Dandenongs I think) so this will work much better in our yard as it follows the suns progress around the yard unlike our flat panels on the roof which are obviously static.

    We ares till umming and aahing about whether to get it grid connected or run it off the grid on batteries.

  3. the tracker is very cool, great for a house without a sunny roof. We're in the Dandenongs too :-) so I totally understand what you mean about sun on the roof - it's a trade off between solar power and being surrounded by amazing trees! Our solar installer suggested chopping down most of the trees on our property .... I don't think so!