Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moments of Clarity

I’ve been making a concerted effort at the moment to borrow one movie a week from the library and to watch it. And I saw a beautiful movie the other day – A Single Man (with Colin Firth). It's the kind of movie that rolls around in your mind afterwards and one thing I really took from this movie is the notion of moments with clarity.

Those moments of colour in our lives that remind us of who we are, who we love and how much our life and ourselves mean to us.

And last night as I attended our local lantern parade to celebrate Winter Solstice, I was reminded of this…

:: The companionship I feel as I watch our local community come together to celebrate

:: The pleasure in watching my husband and my son cuddle, play games and walk the streets looking at all the lanterns and fire twirling displays (Little B’s favourite)

:: The warmth at meeting up with friends old and new in the streets from kinders, volunteer groups, dancing, f & v shop

:: The joy of watching Little B & his bestie squeal with delight as they see each other from the sidelines during the parade

:: And the yearning I feel watching my belly dance class perform…I haven’t been able to dance for the last two terms since the times of the class changed. But I yearn to be back there with them xx

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