Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cooking up a Storm

I’ve been spending lots of time experimenting in the kitchen over the last few weeks. I’ve discovered a couple of new vegetarian cookbooks (River Cottage Veg Everyday and The Global Vegetarian Kitchen – and no I’m not a River Cottage groupie LOL)

I’m trying to cook with a greater focus on seasonality especially where veg is concerned. Summer I find easy but with winter, I want to branch out from the normal stews and soups we make.

I made the most delicious Cauliflower Soup with Garlic Croutons last week, and this week hope to make a Chickpea and Cauliflower curry.
Also my other aim has been to move Little B away from just toast for breakfast. He was recently diagnosed with hypoglycaemia after fainting at kindy, so it’s low GI all the way. But this has been a bit tricky because he has so many allergies (rules out eggs, some kinds of dairy, nuts).

But some new ideas have been:

:: Buttermilk Pikelets with stewed pears
:: Home made Baked Beans on the obligatory toast
:: A breakfast smoothie (using Quark instead of yoghurt) with a low gi muffin

I’m trying to get him into some sort of breakfast routine in preparation for school next year. This may seem odd but Little B likes to know exactly what breakfast is, whereas the rest of the day he’s a go with the flow and adapt kind of boy. But with breakfast he is shall we say rigid in his ideas!!


  1. we tried the chickpea and tomato ketchup curry with homemade naan on saturday. it was nice next time we will add more chilli and less ketchup and use beer like the do on the tv series and I think it will give it an omphf!.

  2. Hi Sol,

    We tried the ketchup chilli but it was lacking a bit in the oomph factor too. Mr B added heaps more pepper and hot paprika, chilli before he was satisfied!!