Sunday, September 1, 2013

Slow Living Diary August 2013

Slow Living 2013 - Month by Month 

I’m once again joining in with Christine from Slow Living Essentials for a monthly reflection of slow living.

NOURISH: I’ve been enjoying trying out new recipes…loved these little quiches using mountain bread (great for lunchboxes or picnics). Also these roast vegie tarlets which are great for after school. I’ve also been making lots of different soups (Roast Carrot & Parsnip, Potato & Cauliflower). But I’m also glad the warmer weather is here because I’m starting to feel all souped out :-)

I am so in love with Rooibos tea at the moment. I drink it by the bucket loads and it has made me feel much more awake in the mornings (my massage therapist who is treating my hip says that I am majorly dehydrated when she sees me and suggested this).

PREPARE: Now that I’m working I spend a lot more time on this category to save me time. I’m buying more in bulk and am always 1 up on all our key items in the pantry. Once a month I cook all Little B’s snacks for school and freeze them: muffins, biscuits, slices. This actually often lasts longer than a month. Every fortnight, I cook enough bread rolls to get him through that fortnight. I also slow cook something yummy on the weekend for my lunches during the week, so I don’t have to think twice in the morning.I just grab a soup, some fruit and I’m packed.
REDUCE: I’m making a concerted effort not to fall into buying things just because I’m working. Instead I’m trying to put in processes to make my life easier, rather than things!!

GREEN: I’ve started making my own deodorant after having a horrible reaction to a natural one (not unlike a chemical burn though it had no chemicals..the mind boggles). This recipe by Easy Peasy Organic is fabulous!! Work can be inconsistent heat wise (sometimes hot and sometimes cold), and this works a treat….no stinky armpits LOL.

I've added rooibos tea to it to be antibacterial and antifungal as I cant use essential oils due to Little B's allergies and it still works brilliantly.

GROW: Over the last two weekends, we’ve been weeding all the vegie beds at Granny B’s and mine are about to be ripped out completely. I’ve realised I cant overcome what the previous owners did to them, so we are ripping them out and starting from scratch again this year…also means I can put in more vegie beds *happy dance*

CREATE: Not much going on here at the moment.

DISCOVER: Going back to work has been challenging because there’s very few people who are green or sustainable. So I’ve been nourishing myself with lots of sustainable books and magazines from the library to feel grounded.

Lots of back copies of Grass Roots magazines, I re-read Tanya Ha’s updated copy of Greeniology and I’m currently reading a book called Sustainable Home.

But my absolute favourite book this month has been The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge. It is mind blowing in its explanation of how the brain has plasticity and can be changed and adapted right into old age. With a child with additional needs, this has kept me riveted and inspired me to adapt things for Little B.

ENHANCE: Lots of baking for cake sales, and helping out at the working bee for school.


~ Canoeing, canoeing, canoeing
~ Mr B taught Little B to fish (ahem, mummy sat on the banks and read a book :-)


  1. Coolness! BTW I've had a variety of experiences with the natural deoderants as well, including one that gave me a rash and many that MADE me stinky, but finally found Kiss My Face's Liquid Rock with green tea that is awesome.

  2. Thanks for sharing the deodorant recipe, Mrs B - hoping to give this a try. The Brain That Changes Itself looks like a really interesting read. :)

  3. roast carrot and parsnip soup sounds lovely!. i enjoy reading Grass Roots whenever i can get a copy.
    i've not tried natural deodorant yet, but shall check out that link, thanks.

  4. Sounds like you had quite a productive month indeed!!! Don't ya just have to love Grass Roots? I have been collecting them for many many years and when we moved and I gave my lot away, I missed them so much that I've started collecting them again! Op shops, library sales and garage sales are all great places to find some of those old classic GR's.
    Great to stop by via Slow Living and 'meet' you!!

  5. They were just talking about that book on the radio the other day - I'll have to have a look for it at the library now. Loved reading about your month!

  6. Gosh you are so organized with your preparing food and snacks in advance. I'm getting a freezer this winter so I hope to be doing some of the same. Funny you say you are all souped out - here we are coming into autumn and I can't wait for soups.
    I've been using homemade deo for about a year and half now, it has much the same ingredients as yours but all mixed together into a cream.
    I'm definitely going to get a copy of The Brain That Changes Itself, my son has learning difficulties and his wonderful teacher and speech therapist are tying hard to help him, but I'm always on the look out for anything I can do at home to help as well.

  7. Rooibos is my tea of choice too. It makes a delicious iced tea too. Thanks for sharing the deodorant link. I will definitely give it a try.

  8. I love making my own deodorant (and detergent) and I agree with Cath, rooibos is my favorite tea as well! I love your decision to buy less and live more in the memories and less in the things. I have been a minimalist and lover of simple living for some time now and I can't express the many benefits of embracing less stuff both physically and the clutter in our minds too.

  9. I love your concept of Processes not Purchases. And how exciting to be able to learn from the past vegie garden and now get to reinvent it in an improved format. Have fun with it!

  10. Rooibos is one of my fav teas also. I struggle to drink water in winter so try and meet my hydration needs through Roibos, nettle and other herbal teas.

    That brain book sounds interesting (coming from a family with Alzheimers) so I'll give it a read. Thanks for the recommendation :-)

  11. Oh I love the idea of carrot and parsnip soup... as we're approaching winter up here. ;-)

    Intrigued by the homemade deodorant/antiperspirant... so many are just deodorant. I wonder if there's a good alternative to the coconut??? Having an allergy to that causes me issues with some of the more "natural" products. :-/

  12. Just discovered your blog, and absolutely loving it. You've reminded me how much I need to just do a major cooking day and get my daughters lunches ready, I've been slack lately and the other day had to do a frantic rush the night before as I had basically nothing. Thanks for the inspiration!