Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Heart...Celery

One of the greatest things about eating seasonally, is that when something comes into season again it tastes brilliant. One of those things for me is celery. Celery is one of those dirt dozen vegies that I refuse to eat it if its not organic. So there is a great flux with its supply. It's also underrated I think for its ability to add flavour to recipes and as a snack (says the biased mum with an allergy child who can eat celery :-)

So we are glutting on celery at the moment. In soups, casseroles, winter salads and as a snack for school. One of my favourite recipes is Chunky Celery Soup by Heidi Swanson. It's great at the moment with the cold weather and really warms me up at lunchtime at work!!

But how cute are these tasty bugs?? We already do celery with cashew nut butter as an after school school snack, but I love the use of apple and carrot here...I forsee an allergy friendly pair coming up soon for Little B.

And I love to take these along as snacks for works (hmmm there's not enough olives in the world - though I normally use black olives).

And finally my favourite winter salad - hmm did I mention I love olives ;-) I use lots of different lettuce or spinach but the arugula makes it especially yummy.

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