Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Innate Curiosity - Silver Fox Style


~ The cure for boredom is curiosity ~ there is no cure for curiosity ~
   Dorothy Parker

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend. My beautiful family treated me to lots of cakes, love and pressies (yay for my new Fiskars secateurs). Not an important number but I love to reflect nonetheless.

I decided on my last birthday to stop colouring my hair with henna. Instead I’ve been growing the colour out. I now have a beautiful skunk stripe grey streak at the front down to bob length. And the rest of my hair is speckled with silver strands (which strangely enough I quite like). Unfortunately I don’t like my hair that short, so there is an obvious colour difference between the top of my hair and bottom. I'll post pics when I'm all grey.

And on my birthday I discovered a new young grey role model – a young silver fox - Sarah Harris. She is a writer for Vogue who has completely grey / silver hair and boy does she rock it!! :-) Inspiration enough for me to keep going with my hair.

As for my Dorothy Parker quote, I think as I get older I just get more curious. I’m not interested in the status quo or what’s cool or trendy. I’m not interested in the “shoulds” or the “ought to’s”. I still want to change the world. And I'm innately curious about what everyone has to say about the state of our world and how we will change it.

Looking back over the last 5-10 years I’ve changed so much in my beliefs, my views of the world, how we chose to live our lives but I realised yesterday that I’m content. I love my garden, I love my life, hey I’m even loving those grey hairs…we have so much further that we want to go on our sustainable path but as we make our way there, I’m happy!!

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