Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where does the time go?

Due to a small technical glitch, we've been without internet for the last week. Funnily enough it actually feels like weeks have gone by?? Crazy - especially at this time of year. So in my solitude, we have been

* making piles of metal and wood :-)
* painting chairs
* baking and icing gingerbread biscuits (to eat and to give...hmm a lot have been eaten LOL)
* making crunchy cereal toppers as christmas gifts
* trawling a few secondhand shops for last minute goodies for me and Mr B
* making jam
* playing in parks with friends

And what can I say we have been having great fun. The stress of settling on the house is abating even in the face of our ongoing renovations. The sun is shining, christmas is coming and I'm happy :-)

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